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Buying second hand or used items makes the earth, and your bank account, happy! Pre-loved items often cost a fraction of the price for new. Buying used items reduces the waste and energy needed to produce new items, and saves them from our overflowing landfills. Many previously owned items are just no longer wanted by their original owners, but are perfectly good. Check out our @steptoeservices @maxsoldinc auctions for awesome pre-loved items for your home.

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Great artwork does not have to break the bank! Check out this abstract and more in our @maxsoldinc @steptoeservices auction ending today! Link’s in our bio.

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Snow in Yyj. Do you love it or hate it? ☃️ Tell us with a comment below. ❄

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Ever see one of these? It’s a large vintage blown glass Japanese fishing float. These glass floats were used to hold up the fishing nets that were sometimes 50 miles long! Beauties like this are now desirable collectibles, and can sometimes still be found washed up on beaches.

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“Who” knows what you will find in our @maxsoldinc @steptoeservices online auctions. Check out our latest one ending soon. It’s a “hoot” bidding on fun items, like this awesome brass owl. The link is in our bio.

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Thinking about de-cluttering? Give us a call or email. We buy all kinds of items from furniture to antiques to collectables to gold and silver.

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Our latest @maxsoldinc @steptoeservices auction ends today. If you haven’t had a look do it now. There’s something for everyone. Click the link in our bio to take you there.

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Love birds, but not the taking care of them? Then this is for you. Lot 176 in our @maxsoldinc @steptoeservices auction ending in 2 days is a cool vintage bird cage with faux birds!

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Estates, moving, downsizing and more are difficult stressful events in our lives. Let Steptoe Services help you. We purchase, consign, and even liquidate entire estates. For more please see us at www.steptoeantiques.ca.

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