I had a garage sale this weekend and sold lots of my stuff. Do you want to buy the items that are left over?

No. It is likely that between 10% and 30% of the vintage items you sold at your garage sale will end up for sale on eBay or some other retail venue. Next time call us first. The stuff you have left should be donated to your local charity.

I am thinking of having a garage sale this weekend; can you tell me if any of my stuff is valuable?

Yes, we will come to your home and purchase the items we need for cash!

I have a collection that I would like to sell, can you help?

Yes. We would like to see your collection and make an offer.

We have decided to sell our home and move into a condo. Can you help us downsize?

Yes. We can buy a few items or a garage full of items.

I recently had a close family member pass away. Can you help me find new homes for their possessions?

Yes. When you are ready we can help you with a few items or a house full of items dependent on your needs.